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“If for some reason, I fail to finish my work, will you do it for me?”
This one question had always bothered Lucas since the time his sister Elsa asked him this while having dinner at her birthday last year. It was only a week ago that he got to know why , Elsa asked him such an unusual question. Elsa was suffering from a heart disease that kills people within a month’s time if not treated properly and she swiftly hid it from him. Never had he imagined, not even in his wildest dreams that his only family, the one for whom he could do anything and the one who could equally do anything for him, would hide her life’s biggest truth from him. Lucas felt defeated and betrayed; did she think him unworthy of knowing it all? It was actually the other way round. Elsa, for the last few days she would live, didn’t want to see her brother sad for her; she wanted to see Lucas as the happy man he was. A grief-stricken Lucas couldn’t console his heart for such a defeat at the time Elsa breathed her last. He had whispered, very helplessly to her, a promise to finish her work, trying to comfort her, as she left forever. the ambulance was a little late that evening.

There was another question thatwas bothering Lucas since last week now. What work?

Lucas knew only one thing that could give him an answer. Elsa spent most of her time in their mother’s room on the second floor. Perhaps, it was time to revisit his most dreaded past once again. Maybe, its time he stops avoiding that room, for just once, for Elsa. He picked up all of his courage as he climbed up the stairs with shaking legs and walked up to the long-forgotten room that once used to be the Neverland for the two siblings. As he opened the knock, the door creaked open. A gush of old wind blew past him, gently caressing his cheeks, reminding him of all the sweet memories he had in here – how their mother sang lullabies to them, caressing their forehead, as they doze off to sleep; how she would read out to them the beautiful fairytales that she wrote for them; how she would give them her part of chocolate when the two kids used to fight; and how, the last day, a drunk Mr. Holins, swaying with unnecessary, unexplained anger, stabbed their mother thrice, only to be later pulled away bo the police, never to come back again. Lucas hated that room since that day, and now when he had lost all that he had, he had to come back for the sake of the last promise that he gave his dying sister.

The room was sad-looking yet welcoming. it seemed that it was waiting for this day when Lucas would finally walk into this room overcoming all his fears. A few rays of sunlight peeped inside from the gap between the curtains. Lucas opened the window, letting a fresh breeze enter. As he took a good look around, he saw it – a pile of old notebooks.”If for some reason, I fail to finish my work, will you do it for me?” Was this the work Elsa was talking about? He walked up to them with blood rushing through his veins; probably he had got his answer. He picked up the topmost one and opened it, then the other. As he flattered the pages, he saw them. Poems, stories scribbled on them with a free hand and immense love. It was Elsa’s handwriting. These were the notebooks, which he had bought Elsa every time she wanted one and never seen again until today. ‘Got it Elsa, now I’ll complete your work’, he whispered to the winds. All he had to do was to publish his sister’s life’s work.

The quest started form the next day. He visited all the publishing houses of the city. He submitted photocopies to all of them, keeping the original copies with him. Many of the houses rejected the stories claiming them to be too simple or not full of thrills. Months passed until one day, a publishing house did contact Lucas. He smiled after days when they agreed to finally publish her stories. The manager of ‘The Greendale Publishing House’ greeted him like a family. He was a genuine and kind man whose face was always ornate with a true smile.

Miraccle happened a month later when the sale rose extraordinarily. Thousands of copies were published and sold of the book compiling fifty short stories written by Ms. Elsa J. Holin. The book was titled ‘The Words We Don’t Speak’. Readers from all over the world celebrated her work for the genuine appeal and the reality of her stories. They regretted the death of such a good person, of such a peaceful writer as her living a little more would have assured more such stories that would make them laugh and cry at the same time. She was not just famous. She was loved; not only by his brother Lucas but by the world and maybe beyond at the place where she presently was.

Lucas kept the original notebooks with himself at the exact same place where he found them. They were taken care of by his newly married wife Amanda – a lady with a pure, loving heart and deep, caring eyes.The Manager would visit The Holin’s once in a while to meet his new friend Mr. Lucas Holin with a wish to listen to the pleasing news of their wellbeing.

Lucas visited his mother’s room every day now. It gave him peace and acquaintance. He would stand by the window, look at the setting sun and whisper to the wind,”I did my work my little Elsa, I finished your work. sleep my little darling, sleep peacefully now. we will meet soon little girl, we will meet soon…”



Hey guys how are you all doing!? this is Surasree Mukherjee your Elixir Grande. I hope you all are doing well. I hope you all remember me. probably last year I took a break from blogging and promised I’ll come back as soon as the biggest exam of my life is over. I was in 12th grade. well, 2 of my exams got postponed and I was shattered. however, my results were out. I promised ill make all of you proud. I’ve got 92% in my boards. And am absolutely healthy till now by God’s grace. also, a lot of good things have happened to me in 2020. I’m thankful to god. now I need another good news from all of you. I’ve been so worried about all of you lately and trust me I don’t wanna lose any of you. I love all of you. please let me know about your current state. I’m so eager. ill post something any sooner now. and I have to know another thing. do any of you know Wix? its another website building app. I’m planning of using it for my secondary page as the layout and customization is way easier over there. ill be so glad if any of you will be there at least ill not be alone. and please, as soon as you get it, reply. either mail me or comment here. ill be waiting. am really very much tensed about all of you because of what’s happening all around the world. ill keep it short but ill be waiting for your reply. take care and be safe.

take care. loads of love. new story soon.

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In the ocean of life –

In this imperial sea,

I sometimes feel so lost!

I can’t even understand me!

The heaven, it looks so dark –

Its just despair and sigh.

In the battle of life,

I’m so new, so naive…

But the hell, so bright,

With footprints of the gone,

Devil may reside there.

But evil? There is none.

For those who stay there –

Are the ones who love us,

Those who taught us the tales

Of Dedulus and Icarus.

Those who rubbed the tears –

Off our wet cheeks,

Those who lit up our dark paths

When happiness – was bleak.

They bless us all the time

They are life’s beache’s sand,

Where we stand everyday,

With our loved ones – holding hands.

They are the waves that stroke

The sadness off our chest,

They are the wind that fulfilled

All our heart’s requests.

THEY make us prosper,

You say,”Its my merit!”

I know what’s the truth.

Its none but the spirits.

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Under the broken canopy.

She stood under the canopy

With water in her eyes,

The wornout shelter, still today

Seems so beautiful and nice!

The storm was over

The protection stood no chance!

The old abandoned canopy

Was so loved once.

There she stood all alone

Waiting for the rain to cease

Her God has betrayed her,

Breaking his only promise!

The promise he did

To keep her loved ones safe

But with all of their memories

The broken canopy seemed so safe!

With no walls, and a leaking roof,

Stood the old canopy-

In ruins that she could not repair

But in her heart it will remain beautifully.

As you all have noticed, I tried to test what it would be like if i would change my blogs name. This, for me, turned out to be a disaster. I felt really down. I had created Badart with lots of dreams. And changing the name felt like erasing the existence of my creation. Although I got appreciation that it was a better name, I’d like to stick to what it was – BadArt. Even if some of my friends don’t like it, i love it as what it is. Thank you soo much for your cooperation. Sorry for being soooo clumsy!! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you

At the break of dawn.

I’ve searched you in the probable places,

But you weren’t there all this days.

I had left you. Is this the fee?

Cause finding you will be a glee!

Yeah! You may hurt its your choice

But what if you don’t hear again – my voice?

What if I’m lost? Or gone very far?

Will you be able to stitch your heart ajar?

But in my heart I still love you

Old, hurting love there’s nothing new.

You’ll never understand that who I am

But you’ll remember me at the break of dawn.


Hey everyone…. Its 11:55 here. We have more 5 minutes of 2018. In this last 5 minutes, I wanna wish you something. Have the happiest new year. May you see a large number of new years. Hope every new years seem better than the last one. Hope you stay happy,healthy and loved FOREVER!!


Thank you. hope to have you as my friend forever. Stay happy,stay blessed!

Thank you.

Something worth fighting for.

This is my tribute to the Harry Potter franchise – the franchise that made me – me. I really wanted to write this post the very first day but hesitated to do so as there are people who don’t like Harry. Harry Potter is really very close to my heart. If you remember, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released in 2001. That is my birth year. So basically I grew up with Harry Potter. To make myself clear, Harry Potter is not, NOT my crush. I love him as Harry Potter and simply Harry Potter. I mean as who he is, as tge character he has. My friends basically have the idea that he is my love. Yes he is but not because he is a male person. To me, he is a hero without a cape or a costume. The Harry Potter franchise has been like my family. I really cannot explain my feelings, no matter how much I describe, how hard I try. Let me write a few words about my loved ones – the ones whom I cannot loose and the ones whom I love more than myself. ( my mom is in the first place and then comes all of them, together.)

1. Sirius Black.

An animagous, he possesses the loving heart of a dog which is far more loving than us. He repents loosing his best friend James and Lily Potter and tries to find James in Harry who greatly resembles his father. He often confuses himself and calls harry James! He is the closest to my heart. The scene in HP 5 where Bellatrix kills him reaps my heart. Every time I see it I shed the same amount of tears. He is a fatherly figure to me. Yes Sirius, you will always be there in my heart. During the final chapters when he came back to Harry via the Resurrection stone, he described death to be faster than falling asleep. 😞 . When Harry asked him to stay with him when he faces lord Voldemort, he says that they will stay in Harry’s heart! I really miss him a lot. Sirius’s character was portrayed greatly by Gary Oldman. Thank you Gary Oldman for being Sirius Black!

2. Severus Snape.

We all know him. The most mysterious and complex character if I was to describe him. His love for Lily, Harry’s mother, made him beg to Dumbledore for their lives. He loved Harry but never let him know. “You have your mother’s eyes.” were his last words.I really love Snape! He is the hero in the disguise of a villain. He had always protected Harry from dangers and never let him know.Alan Rickman portrayed the character of Severus Snape. Without him it would have never been portrayed so beautifully! We repent your death Alan, may your soul rest in peace!😩

3. Albus Dumbledore.

The bravest and wisest man of his time as I would say, he was a mastermind in arranging Harry’s life and making him a hero. Being fallen in love for once and betrayed, he appoints Newt Schamander to kill Gellert Grindelwald. He is the only one wizard that the dark lord ever feared. The death of Dumbledore is unacceptable to me. The characters of Dumbledore was portrayed by Richard Harris in the first two movies. After his death, portrayed the character of Dumbledore in the rest of the series. Both of them were excellent!

4. Lily Potter.

Mother of Harry Potter, she sacrificed herself to save her child, an infant, crying, harry. She is a strong, brave, loving woman who used to be Severus Snape’s best friend till her death. She proves how strong love can be. She was the constant consolation to Harry during the final battle. She had the excellent quality of finding goodness in people es

5. James Potter

He is the father of Harry and a brave, daring and caring man. Well I dont have many things to tell about him!

Other characters whom I don’t wanna describe in this post are Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Loona Lovegood, Remus Lupin and many more. All of them are equally important to me and everyone is great as who they are. Everyone is essential for me to exist! Thank you, all of you for just existing in my life and making me feel strong and loved all the time. Thank you. I’ll love you the same for the rest of my life!


Dear reader,

Thank you soo much! I just got 100 follows a few days ago! Thank you soooooooo much, all of you! My current tally is 104!!

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Thank you again! Its not even 3 months and I got 104 followers! Thank you very much! Keep supporting me like this!

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You’re not gone.

You’re not going anywhere you fool!!! You can never go.. You will live till eternity! People who disappear into ashes dont really die! I know you’ll come back! You’re so young, so loved! For our sake, you’ll CE back, PETER PARKER!

I saw Avengers Infinity War last Sunday and am feeling really down! Missing you peter!!! Your humour is the only great source of smile on my face.!! Come back soon…waiting for you!

Tribute post – Tom Holland aka spiderman!


They ran behind achievements….they didn’t notice their surrounding…. They walked and walked….their focus was just achievements….the achievemen described to them by others who hardly had any idea about it…. They ran behind achievement not knowing what it was….they crossed the sea and the forests….they reached castles beautiful ,”but its not achievement ” they said…they reached a beautiful garden with beautiful flowers in it, ” but its not achievement they said,” and kept moving ahead. Then they reached the earth where all their loved ones stayed , “but, it’s not achievement” they said and kept moving ahead. They got everything they desired, they got happiness, ” but that’s not achievement, ” they said and kept moving ahead. Then they reached darkness where treachery, fear and death dwelled. A hooded black figure stood in front of them. “Who are you?” They asked. He replied, “I am the end, I am the one you want. I am achievement…..”


She rubbed her eyes, putting up a smile,

As bright as she could

Walking alone, the path divine,

She passed through the woods.

Bright like the stars keen like the birds

Were her deep eyes,

Everything just saving love

Was she not betrayed by!

But being a goddess was not easy

Cause she too had to pass tests,

And no time did she had

To take a little rest.

“Probably not love,” she thought

“Was made mine!”

Cause everything that she touched

Turned into something divine.

She was strong, she knew to love

But love wasn’t her element

Cause for everyone she was the –

Only thing to hate!

So now she walked dressed in black,

Eyes not blue but red!

And now you know the story no one knows –

Of the birth of death!

Still in her heart did she knew

“That at a point of time,

Hatred will be for life,

Welcome will be mine.”

But for the truth, no one would-

Love poor, young death,

Even though, after some time,

She’ll be our sweet fate.

Fate that we would all welcome

When our work is done,

For in the world in which we live,

Permanent? There’s none.

At the end when its time to leave,

She’ll be our welcome relief,

Don’t be afraid, She’ll not come before time,

She’ll be sweet, believe!

Death is to make us enjoy the time we live, to make us think of limited time and increase our courage to do things. It is better than many things – being alone for instance!

My new site icon!

So………… With great difficulty I finally got to know how to set a site icon!!😆

I thought that I would grow old just trying but I finally did it ( * scream of joy * jumping!!)

Alright, (I freaked out a lil right now ) but let’s come to the point!!


Check out my new site icon👇👇

I really appreciate you for reading this silly post but I wanted to share my joy with you all…

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My first Sunshine Blogger award!

Hey there! Last Saturday, I got nominated by Katherine for the Sunshine Blogger award! Thank you soooooo much Katherine for nominating me!!!!

The rules of this Awesome Sunshine Blogger Award are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blogging sites.
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My answers to Katherine Questions are:

What defines you? What is that special thing that speaks out loud your name?

A: Well my excitement, madness and creativity defines me the most, Kate! But the special thing that speaks out my name louloudlyis that am friendly

Q:y did you started in the first place the blogging activity? What was the start of your virtual journey?

A:I started blogging because I wanted to reach out to different kind of people and express myself. I wanted people to read my writings because I feel pleased she i share something new with my friends. I had no idea about blogging at first. But with the help of my dear friend I finally started it. She told me to go ahead and take the initial step!

Q: What is your opinion about life?

A: Yeah, life! Its all about adventure, problems and how you deal with them. I think we should even enjoy the dilemas of our life!!!

Q: Are you a winter person? Do you like this season? If yes, explain.

A: Yeah I am! I like this season very much because of the peace it offers us! Its ideal for a writer to do the best during this season.

Q: What do you think about time and how do you like to spend it?

A: Time….its so precious!!!! I love to spend it my way i do what I love to cause once gone it never comes back!

Q:What do you do in stressful situations when you don’t seem to find a way to solve a problem. Give examples.

A: when in stressful situations i try to be calm and think peacefully about ways out of it. Thought I don’t actually get bothered easily! I had read wrong syllabus for a test once so basically I was without any preparations even after preparing! But I wrote whatever came to my mind and managed some marks…lol!!

Q: If life gives you lemons what do you make out of it?!

A: I would have eaten it if it was not abstract but as it is abstract… I would just try to enjoy the harshness!!

Q:What makes you happy and fulfilled?

A: Making true friends and making people laugh and happy makes me happy. I love to love people!! I love to appreciate my friends! It makes me fulfilled.

Q:What is your dream job?

A: Well…I’ve not actually decided but writing, singing and acting is what I love. I’m gonna go ahead with geography ( my favorite subject).

Q:What are your weaknesses and how do you manage them?

A: my weakness?? I’m soft hearted and feel bad when am unable to help people due to my incapacity.

Q:A few words about the author of this Blog, Kate. Why do you chose to follow her ?

Katherine you seem to be very good at heart, kind and friendly… I love your posts hence I follow you!!!

My nominees are:

The questions for my nominees are:

Why did you start blogging?

What is your favorite time of the year and why?

What do you think about love?

How did your blogging life start?

Mention one of your unachieved dream and how you’re trying to achieve it.

What are your future plans about your blog?

What are your opinion about friendship and making new friends?

How do you handle difficult situations?

What is your favorite genre and name at least one book of that genre that you’ve read?

What do you do in your free time or when you are alone?

And lastly, a few words about me and my blog.

Thank you again Katherine for nominating me… I thank all my viewers for reading, liking and following my blog. Your support keeps me going.

Thank you.


It was raining heavily outside and the girl was sitting alone in a corner. She had just woke up. Thunderstorm – it occurs frequently nowadays. She sat up and put the pelow away. Thunderbolt struck the earth with great sounds but she didn’t react to them. She took her phone and put her headphones on .

Sad Song by We The Kings.Her favorite song. She loved it so much! Since childhood music had been her best friend, no matter in what mood she was in. She walked to the window and gazed out blankly. She was humming to herself, but it was very loud.

‘ You and I…. We’re like fireworks and symphonies exploding in the sky……..’ . She sang as she closed her eyes. The music played. She sang the entire song so beautifully! So melodious was her voice and with so much of emotions in it. The song ended. “Such a beautiful song!”, She thought to herself. The next song she played was ‘ A Thousand years by Christina Perry’. It was also very close to her heart. She opened her eyes and looked out of the window. It was still raining. Drizzle came from the window and sweetly touched her face. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She rubbed her cheeks and tried hard to stop crying but couldn’t. Today was same as it was a year ago on such a day. But the only difference was that today the music didn’t reach her ears. Today, she would only be singing and not listening to the song. Today, she would only be telling and not listening to anyone.

A month ago, the seventeen years old girl had met with a severe accident. Her head was struck hard. Though she retained her life she had to give up her ability to listen…doctors couldn’t save her ears with were affected the most.

Margery loves music. It resides in her heart. She could listen to it all the time as it keeps ringing in her ears. After all ,she loves music! How can it go away from her? She came back and sat down in her bed. She rubbed her cheeks and smiled.” No power, earthly or from beyond, can snatch away my music from me. Even if I die, you will always be there in my heart, sweet music!” She said. She could feel deep in her heart the power of music and the bondage that she had with it.

Music is strong. It helps us stand up when we fall, makes us smile when we cry. It is like dear lady comfort who holds our shoulder and tell us that “. I will be there beside you even when no one is there, don’t worry.” It is the remedy to every disease every pain in our life. Without music pain is nothing and no joy is joyful enough to cherish after years.

Music is the essence of life.

Our Heart.

Our heart carries so many things in it. So many memories, so many feelings. We often recall them – The ones that touches our heart. Secrets dwell deep inside us. Its really surprising – how the heart deals with the memories it can never again experience! Memories come back so often – strange business of our mind! I wonder how we feel the same way that we did when things actually happened.Memories give us peace and pain together!

Heart is indeed very strong. It deals so tactfully in harsh situations. When we loose something it pains in the heart (not in the head) . heart knows the best for us so listen to it and do what you feel not what you think.

Have you ever felt the urge to stand up? Heart does it, doesn’t it? So let’s keep everything aside for just 5 minutes. Sit alone in silence and look inside your heart. Cherish all the memories that comes up. Note down all of your desires and wishes. Turn on your favorite music and dance. Listen to your heart not to the brain. Give a break to yourself and do whatever you want to whatever your heart wants. Tell me how you feel. What memories popped up in front of your eyes. Let me know your feelings. I’m eagerly waiting for you all.

My dear viewers.

This is for all of my friends who visit my blog. If you like my writings and wanna support me and help me then feel free to give suggestions as of ways to improve my blog and giving new topics that you want me to write about. You can do this anytime, just drop it in the comments section. I will be glad to work on them. Again, visit my other posts (those who haven’t) and is you like them then dont forget to like it.

Yours lovingly,


Me alone.

Last night I was sitting all alone looking out of the window. It was raining and the weather was very soothing. The cold breeze was a real escape from the hard day and the best relaxation one could get!

Have you ever sat by the window all alone and stared at the night sky? The trees look so beautiful! People are so busy with their work that they hardly notice what’s around them. Its really important to look around you sometimes and give a little time to yourself. It increases the absorbing power and makes us understanding. It helps us delve deep inside our life and makes life easier.

The atmosphere is so soothing and silence is the secret behind such beauty. It made me feel so safe and secure. No matter how much I write I can’t explain what I actually felt.

Give some time to yourself and relax. Life comes only once so perceive it as much as you can and enjoy solitude when you are alone.

Happy life.

Woe Glorious Raiments.

The lush green paddy field was looking beautiful in the orange glow of the sun. The weather was fine with seawards cold wind coming from some distant sea or any huge, busy ocean. The slopes of Vanaspati mountains looked blur due to distance but still retained its beauty. The scenery contained in it a peaceful solitude, the nostalgia of the yesterday that has walked away from life. It contained a feeling of satisfaction of homecoming but sorrow of the unachieved, broken dreams.

The old man was sitting by the window observing the calm scenario and the cool soothing breeze. In front of him was kept a cup of hot coffee. He took a deep breath and looked down. He was sitting with his old , worn out uniform – the glorious uniform of a soldier. Medals of gold and silver were shining in the last rays of sun coming through the window. He closed his eyes and a drop of tear rolled down his left cheek. “You may get eternal glory, son, if you become a soldier, respect beyond measure !” The words were ringing repeatedly in his years. These words had once sounded very convincing to him in his young age. How silly of him was it to have listened to his wealth loving father and his new, impractical friends!

Fifteen years have passed… But the memories were as fresh as it was then. Never had he thought that he would have to give up his dreams and desires , never had he thought that he would have to leave his family – forever! He had never thought that he would have to cancel his marriage on the day itself. Never had he imagined in his wildest dreams or his scariest nightmares that he would have to kill his best friend with his own hands!Yes. He had to kill his childhood, his first friend in the war.

His best friend had went somewhere due to his father’s transfer. Since then the man had been sad , morose. If there was anyone that he loved after his family then it was his friend! Since that time they had no contact with each other. After several years they again met but in the Warfield. It seemed that both of them had chosen the same field! But circumstances and the call of duty were so heavy that he had to kill his friend who had already lowered his weapon with feelings mixed with happiness and sorrow. It was so difficult for him to kill his friend!

Experience and time had made the man not only but also matured. He has realized that though the garment has fetched him eternal glory and Best Soldier Award, it has brought to him only sorrow, unhappiness, broken dreams and misery. He was all alone now – lost everything he loved , he desired. His heart knows that one day he will be die and that day too he will be wearing the woefully glorious raiment of a brave soldier. The only difference between that day and the other war days will be that- on that day he would be sleeping peacefully. He would not have to kill anyone, no violence, no brutality, only peace! He would be able to reunite with his family and his best friend and would ask for an apology from all of them. He looked out of the window- the sun has almost set and he smiled as he thought that – that precious day was not far enough.


As she flipped through the pages , she could feel the same old essence , the same crackling sound of the pages of her school diary . She could feel a pleasent feeling and happiness in her chest. Yes , she could feel it… it was nostalgia.

Memories of her school days flashed back. Those friends, those fun, talking while class wes going on, bunking the maths and history classes with best friends, those free periods when teachers were absent, the silly truth and dare games, eating tiffin in the last benches…

She was missing her teachers. Those incomplete works and the scoldings she got for them. Tears rolled down her cheeks beside the faint smile that has now appeared upon her wet face. Memories – so dangerous – so strange – it made her happy and sad simultaneously! Yes, it was nostalgia.

She was peeping into her golden past through the window of her heart. She missed her friends – the way they helped her in her studies, scolded her when she was wrong, the way they faught upon stupid trifles, the way they teased her when they saw her crush , bet and slapped her for no reasons. They made her smile when she was sad , diverted and made her focus on the present.

Fifteen years! She has spent the best part of her life in her school. Sometimes she became annoyed of some rules, sometimes she didn’t feel to go to school. But now, when she was away, she could feel it – the pain of distance. She missed her tuition classes her tutor and all. It was nostalgia – it made her laugh and cry at the same time. It was nostalgia.

The ones who love us never really leave us. You will always find them in here-💖

J.K Rowling.


How many of you are afraid of night? Afraid of darkness?

Well then change your mindset now. Let’s look at the night with a different perspective!

Night is silent. It is dark. Darkness is the necessity for sound sleep. Everyone needs rest after the days work and stress and night is the time that gives us a little time for ourselves. It gives us peace and decorates the sky with thousands of stars and crickets sing for us the best lullabies it protects us with its own guards. Let us thank her for giving us such a beautiful atmosphere for us to sleep.

Darkness often prevails upon our lives but that does not mark the end of our lives. It only help us know the value of light in our lives.

Well, people are asleep and everywhere , silence prevails. Mild wind blows upon your face and crickets chirping is heard from the distance. You have all of your freedom. No ones gonna stop you and you have all the time for yourself. What’s the time that is better than beautiful night?

Are stars visible at daytime? They are not. Too much happiness makes the life dull . stars are the most bright only in darkness.

And finally. Are you afraid of ghosts? Well they don’t harm anyone. They may stare at you only to make sure that no one harms you!

Thats all for today. Hope you’ll hate the night no more rather love it. And if you love the night, then thank you!


A Bit Of Thought.

Well, just wanted to share something with y’all!

Few days ago I went to the canteen of my school for some food. We have a system that first you have to join one of the two lines in front of the coupon counter pay the money and take the coupon then join one of the other two lines in front of the place from where you take the food by giving the coupon.

I was standing in the second line for the coupon. Both the lines were long and slow. A junior student came and tried to stand in front of me. I allowed her but heard some of the other students in the line were swearing against her. So I told her to join the other line at the end – as it was comparatively small. She did so, though quite annoyed with me.

Then, something happened. The first line that she joined for the coupon started to move real fast! She took the coupon even before me and went to join the lines for the food.

I felt weird as I was still standing for the coupon and she was having her food!

You can understand know-

She tried to use unfair means to fulfill her needs fast. Had she done so she would have got it late. But when she chose the right path she got the better thing! That’s what happens. You use unfair means – you loose. And you use fair means – you win.


Welcome to BadArt

Imagine life in your own way

Everything that seems bad is not totally bad – it can’t be. The aim of creating BadArt is to show that everything has two sides the prominent one being the side you choose to act on.

BadArt will:

  • Increase the Belief in yourself.
  • Make you both: Affectionate and Adventure loving.
  • Inspire you to see new Dreams ,chase them and fulfill them.
  • Will help you Analyse events and find out the reasons behind them.
  • Help you to be Rational.
  • And finally Increase your Trust and make you a truth seeker.

Hence,Belief,Affection, Dreams, Adventure, Relationships and Trust – altogether makes BADART.

So…do you, still now, think that something named “bad” can totally be bad?

True. Isn’t it? We often do such works that we hurt our loved ones. One such thing is ignoring. Ignoring is the thing that hurts the most. Try not to ignore anyone. If you don’t like anyone tell him or her straight- yeah, maybe he or she will feel sad , but it will hurt 50% less than ignoring!!

We all pray for smooth, happy and struggle free lives. But, think yourself – would you understand the value of goodness without evil? Will you enjoy sunlight without darkness, like you do now? At least I wouldn’t!

Yeah! Downs are important to make us know what ups are. Darkness is important to show us the value of light.foes are important to show us the value of true friends!

Knowing your actual status is important to deal with the dilemas of our daily life. Never overesteem yourself nor think yourself inferior to someone. You are the best in your own field!

A child is not born with the stamp that he’s gonna be a good person or a bad person. When you’re growing up groom yourself with good qualities and try to make the best out of you. That’s what makes a man good!

Thats all for today.I’ll try to continue this and for that I need all of your support and blessings. Hope you’ll like BadArt and find it useful!hope you liked it. Its my first post in my life!


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