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Why Harry Potter is my favorite Harry Potter character. Plus a hint on what my current view is on the J. K. Rowling controversy.


Hey there!! (Signs in werewolf*) I know I missed out again. But yeah a big holiday is ahead and I think I’ll get a lot of free time to write and update the blog now. Anyways, I’m not absolutely ready with what I thought I’d be posting so I’ll be posting short stories (kinda long tho) in parts this month and I really hope you guys enjoy! But for this post, it’s not a story. It’s gonna be a Harry Potter related post as evident from the heading. And yes I’m gonna be incorporating Harry Potter posts into my blog cause honestly I grew up with it and it means a lot to me. I don’t want to get into any controversy here but the thing is no matter how disgusted I might have felt, I can’t hate anyone and just eliminate their existence from my life. It’s a bad thing for me at times and I suffer for this when I stick to the people who take me for granted ta times but guess what? We are all humans filled with faults and flaws and blunders and mentalities which are very much right to us from our own perspective and we can’t change how others feel. But if we keep eliminating people we’ll end up alone. And I want to walk hand in hand with everyone no matter what there opinion is and focus more on their right side. I definitely want wrong-doers to be rightly punishes and flaws to be pointed out to the flawed one but I can’t eliminate someone who very much exists. It’s a very impractical and imaginative thing for me to pretend that someone doesn’t exist when they very much do. And ngl we can’t deny that had she not written the books, Harry Potter wouldn’t have existed today at the very first place. So let’s us acknowledge both the sides, her excellent work that the Harry Potter series is and the comments she passed which till date I stand to not have completely understand. (And as a matter of fact I don’t usually get offended so that can be a contributing factor too. Cause someone saying something absolutely wrong and disgusting doesn’t make it be that disgusting. Truth remains truth no matter what anyone, literally anyone says or claims. So… )

I’ve mentioned about my personal opinions and something very controversial and vulnerable in the above paragraph. If it disturbs you in any way I’m sorry. Everyone has their own perspectives and I highly respect you for yours. However if you don’t want to read something related to Harry Potter you are free to skip this post. Let’s respect each other’s views and overlooking the flaws let’s hold hands and move forwards and not stick to something that’s disgusting and has already happened.

Okay. (Phew) let’s jump into the main blog post now. I’ll keep it short. Here’s why Harry Potter is my favorite Harry Potter character.

Now I’ve seen this quiet a lot tbh that since he is the main character, a huge chunk of the fandom considers it very basic and not very brilliant or smart to have Harry as their favorite character. People I know, have even said things like please don’t say Harry is your favorite character! But guess what? It’s absolutely okay and very cool to have the main protagonist as your favorite character. And not gonna lie, our homeboy got some very good personality traits and talents. I mean yes he is very sassy, but doesn’t that become another reason to love him? He’s extremely talented at the biggest sport of the Wizarding world and became the youngest seeker in a century! That’s definitely a great, great talent. But he is filled with flaws. He gets angry and sad! He shouts at his friends! He is just like any normal person. Just like us. The main protagonist, not perfect at all. I relate to him a lot tbh. And ya he is imaginative. Very imaginative indeed. If we analyse his character instead of just setting him aside just because he is the main protagonist, I bet many will confess that their fave character. He’s just boy like he is really very young! Imagine at the age of 18 defeating or battling against a fully grown dark wizard isn’t that enough? Also imagine the number of times he has faced the dark lord all by himself and had been thrown away in front of the dark lord! Besides he has been going through a lot and the way he has handled his entire life; I know he is a little bit sassy but to be honest hats of Harry you are the best so YEP Harry Potter is my favourite character. He shows ha that even when we have both good and bad in us, we can always choose to be good no matter how easy and pressing at times being bad can get. He also showed us that ni matter how not ready we are and how unprepared we are, no matter how young we are, we can win the greatest battle if we have the determination and will. Imagine how much he lost. He had a miserable childhood even if to us Hogwarts might seem a dream come true. But it has been tough for him we know that. And he didn’t give up on anyone even after all that he went through. He stuck to his friend even after Ron wasn’t in the right state. He didn’t merely survive the dark Lord but defeated him on his own with a mere, plain, white spell that ‘expelliarmus’ is. He walked up to death to save everyone else. He never ever looked down at the poor. Look at how he made Ron his best friend when he easily had the opportunity to overlook him and go for Malfoy. He didn’t let money get into his head. He knows what’s right and does that. The amount of self-control he has on himself, looking at the better side of people and overlooking their flaws. Besides no matter how dumb he is at times he manages to do what’s right. He has really good ethics if I may say and I have learned a lot from him (since birth I guess?) He has emotions and tends to let them out and express them and that’s his purity. He’s pure! He’s pure and courageous and chivalrous and dumb and emotional and good at heart and kind and considerate and brave and loving and endearing and definitely mischievous and outgoing at tines. If I go on like this the list will be very difficult to end. But I feel like I don’t have to sight every insight, do I? We all know it. All in all, these are the few reasons why Harry Potter is my favorite Harry Potter character.

That’s all for today! I hope you’re having a lovely day and if you’ve read so far, thank you. I’ll be posting something autumnal next so stay tuned for that.

Count backwards from 394 and I’ll be right back till then chill with a mug of butterbeer and read a cozy book and I’ll be right back. (Book recommendations are always welcome.) Spread some happiness today and take some time to relax. I love you. Take care. See ya later.