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You’re not gone.

You’re not going anywhere you fool!!! You can never go.. You will live till eternity! People who disappear into ashes dont really die! I know you’ll come back! You’re so young, so loved! For our sake, you’ll CE back, PETER PARKER!

I saw Avengers Infinity War last Sunday and am feeling really down! Missing you peter!!! Your humour is the only great source of smile on my face.!! Come back soon…waiting for you!

Tribute post – Tom Holland aka spiderman!


They ran behind achievements….they didn’t notice their surrounding…. They walked and walked….their focus was just achievements….the achievemen described to them by others who hardly had any idea about it…. They ran behind achievement not knowing what it was….they crossed the sea and the forests….they reached castles beautiful ,”but its not achievement ” they said…they reached a beautiful garden with beautiful flowers in it, ” but its not achievement they said,” and kept moving ahead. Then they reached the earth where all their loved ones stayed , “but, it’s not achievement” they said and kept moving ahead. They got everything they desired, they got happiness, ” but that’s not achievement, ” they said and kept moving ahead. Then they reached darkness where treachery, fear and death dwelled. A hooded black figure stood in front of them. “Who are you?” They asked. He replied, “I am the end, I am the one you want. I am achievement…..”


She rubbed her eyes, putting up a smile,

As bright as she could

Walking alone, the path divine,

She passed through the woods.

Bright like the stars keen like the birds

Were her deep eyes,

Everything just saving love

Was she not betrayed by!

But being a goddess was not easy

Cause she too had to pass tests,

And no time did she had

To take a little rest.

“Probably not love,” she thought

“Was made mine!”

Cause everything that she touched

Turned into something divine.

She was strong, she knew to love

But love wasn’t her element

Cause for everyone she was the –

Only thing to hate!

So now she walked dressed in black,

Eyes not blue but red!

And now you know the story no one knows –

Of the birth of death!

Still in her heart did she knew

“That at a point of time,

Hatred will be for life,

Welcome will be mine.”

But for the truth, no one would-

Love poor, young death,

Even though, after some time,

She’ll be our sweet fate.

Fate that we would all welcome

When our work is done,

For in the world in which we live,

Permanent? There’s none.

At the end when its time to leave,

She’ll be our welcome relief,

Don’t be afraid, She’ll not come before time,

She’ll be sweet, believe!

Death is to make us enjoy the time we live, to make us think of limited time and increase our courage to do things. It is better than many things – being alone for instance!

My new site icon!

So………… With great difficulty I finally got to know how to set a site icon!!πŸ˜†

I thought that I would grow old just trying but I finally did it ( * scream of joy * jumping!!)

Alright, (I freaked out a lil right now ) but let’s come to the point!!


Check out my new site iconπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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