In the ocean of life – In this imperial sea, I sometimes feel so lost! I can’t even understand me! The heaven, it looks so dark – Its just despair and sigh. In the battle of life, I’m so new, so naive… But the hell, so bright, With footprints of the gone, Devil may reside […]

As you all have noticed, I tried to test what it would be like if i would change my blogs name. This, for me, turned out to be a disaster. I felt really down. I had created Badart with lots of dreams. And changing the name felt like erasing the existence of my creation. Although […]


Hey everyone…. Its 11:55 here. We have more 5 minutes of 2018. In this last 5 minutes, I wanna wish you something. Have the happiest new year. May you see a large number of new years. Hope every new years seem better than the last one. Hope you stay happy,healthy and loved FOREVER!! HAVE A […]


Part 2. They stopped in front of an old but beautiful one storeyed house. It was beautifully decorated with old lanterns and ivy plants covered in ice. Tom and his mother entered. ” Mrs. Johanson,we are here.” As Mrs. Barn called out, an old woman opened the door and welcomed the two with a loving […]


Part 1. Tom was throwing a tantrum while his young mother was trying to dress him up. ” I dont wanna go! I hate this! You’re bad mom! ” he shouted. “Stand straight.” His mother told him softly. Tom was five years old and he was a great artist – good at painting. So his […]


Dear reader, Thank you soo much! I just got 100 follows a few days ago! Thank you soooooooo much, all of you! My current tally is 104!! Took this screenshot 2 days ago that’s why it tells 101. Thank you again! Its not even 3 months and I got 104 followers! Thank you very much! […]

You’re not gone.

You’re not going anywhere you fool!!! You can never go.. You will live till eternity! People who disappear into ashes dont really die! I know you’ll come back! You’re so young, so loved! For our sake, you’ll CE back, PETER PARKER! I saw Avengers Infinity War last Sunday and am feeling really down! Missing you […]


They ran behind achievements….they didn’t notice their surrounding…. They walked and walked….their focus was just achievements….the achievemen described to them by others who hardly had any idea about it…. They ran behind achievement not knowing what it was….they crossed the sea and the forests….they reached castles beautiful ,”but its not achievement ” they said…they reached […]


She rubbed her eyes, putting up a smile, As bright as she could Walking alone, the path divine, She passed through the woods. Bright like the stars keen like the birds Were her deep eyes, Everything just saving love Was she not betrayed by! But being a goddess was not easy Cause she too had […]


It was raining heavily outside and the girl was sitting alone in a corner. She had just woke up. Thunderstorm – it occurs frequently nowadays. She sat up and put the pelow away. Thunderbolt struck the earth with great sounds but she didn’t react to them. She took her phone and put her headphones on […]

Our Heart.

Our heart carries so many things in it. So many memories, so many feelings. We often recall them – The ones that touches our heart. Secrets dwell deep inside us. Its really surprising – how the heart deals with the memories it can never again experience! Memories come back so often – strange business of […]

Me alone.

Last night I was sitting all alone looking out of the window. It was raining and the weather was very soothing. The cold breeze was a real escape from the hard day and the best relaxation one could get! Have you ever sat by the window all alone and stared at the night sky? The […]


As she flipped through the pages , she could feel the same old essence , the same crackling sound of the pages of her school diary . She could feel a pleasent feeling and happiness in her chest. Yes , she could feel it… it was nostalgia. Memories of her school days flashed back. Those […]


How many of you are afraid of night? Afraid of darkness? Well then change your mindset now. Let’s look at the night with a different perspective! Night is silent. It is dark. Darkness is the necessity for sound sleep. Everyone needs rest after the days work and stress and night is the time that gives […]

Welcome to BadArt

Imagine life in your own way Everything that seems bad is not totally bad – it can’t be. The aim of creating BadArt is to show that everything has two sides the prominent one being the side you choose to act on. BadArt will: Increase the Belief in yourself. Make you both: Affectionate and Adventure […]

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