Under the broken canopy.

She stood under the canopy

With water in her eyes,

The wornout shelter, still today

Seems so beautiful and nice!

The storm was over

The protection stood no chance!

The old abandoned canopy

Was so loved once.

There she stood all alone

Waiting for the rain to cease

Her God has betrayed her,

Breaking his only promise!

The promise he did

To keep her loved ones safe

But with all of their memories

The broken canopy seemed so safe!

With no walls, and a leaking roof,

Stood the old canopy-

In ruins that she could not repair

But in her heart it will remain beautifully.


As you all have noticed, I tried to test what it would be like if i would change my blogs name. This, for me, turned out to be a disaster. I felt really down. I had created Badart with lots of dreams. And changing the name felt like erasing the existence of my creation. Although I got appreciation that it was a better name, I’d like to stick to what it was – BadArt. Even if some of my friends don’t like it, i love it as what it is. Thank you soo much for your cooperation. Sorry for being soooo clumsy!! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thank you

At the break of dawn.

I’ve searched you in the probable places,

But you weren’t there all this days.

I had left you. Is this the fee?

Cause finding you will be a glee!

Yeah! You may hurt its your choice

But what if you don’t hear again – my voice?

What if I’m lost? Or gone very far?

Will you be able to stitch your heart ajar?

But in my heart I still love you

Old, hurting love there’s nothing new.

You’ll never understand that who I am

But you’ll remember me at the break of dawn.

Before You End Your Life

Wanted to post something similar! Its a nice post. Give it a read.

Writing My Heart Out

Are you at the lowest of your life right now?

Does everything seems to falling in front of you?

Have you lost faith in yourself?

Do you feel like taking your own life & end everything ?

If yes, keep reading till the end .

Hello everyone!

First of all, the reason why am I writing this.

If you have read my post How To Move On From Past then you must be knowing about a girl who reached out to me to seek help for moving on from her abusive relationship.

So few weeks back she was feeling really down & she started blaming herself for everything that happened to her. She was feeling miserable that day & then she said

“I don’t wanna live anymore. I’m tired of dealing with all this every single day while he(her ex) is living happy life“.

I know there are lot…

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Unhappy Heart

A beautiful poem worth sharing! True words I loved it so am sharing it with you. Originally posted on Spirited Soul.

Spirited Soul 🐺

I really do believe

One can die from

An unhappy heart

There is nothing

But memories trapped

Inside like a box

Nowhere to go

Nothing to tell

Hope is lost

There is no light

Only the bleakness

Of dark surrounding me


Of the days

That once were

They have passed and gone

Like a giant wind

Stole my people away

Now I stand alone

And wonder

What will become

Of this unhappy heart

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Hey everyone…. Its 11:55 here. We have more 5 minutes of 2018. In this last 5 minutes, I wanna wish you something. Have the happiest new year. May you see a large number of new years. Hope every new years seem better than the last one. Hope you stay happy,healthy and loved FOREVER!!


Thank you. hope to have you as my friend forever. Stay happy,stay blessed!

Thank you.