Unhappy Heart

A beautiful poem worth sharing! True words I loved it so am sharing it with you. Originally posted on Spirited Soul.

Spirited Soul 🐺

I really do believe

One can die from

An unhappy heart

There is nothing

But memories trapped

Inside like a box

Nowhere to go

Nothing to tell

Hope is lost

There is no light

Only the bleakness

Of dark surrounding me


Of the days

That once were

They have passed and gone

Like a giant wind

Stole my people away

Now I stand alone

And wonder

What will become

Of this unhappy heart

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Hey everyone…. Its 11:55 here. We have more 5 minutes of 2018. In this last 5 minutes, I wanna wish you something. Have the happiest new year. May you see a large number of new years. Hope every new years seem better than the last one. Hope you stay happy,healthy and loved FOREVER!!


Thank you. hope to have you as my friend forever. Stay happy,stay blessed!

Thank you.

Something worth fighting for.

This is my tribute to the Harry Potter franchise – the franchise that made me – me. I really wanted to write this post the very first day but hesitated to do so as there are people who don’t like Harry. Harry Potter is really very close to my heart. If you remember, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released in 2001. That is my birth year. So basically I grew up with Harry Potter. To make myself clear, Harry Potter is not, NOT my crush. I love him as Harry Potter and simply Harry Potter. I mean as who he is, as tge character he has. My friends basically have the idea that he is my love. Yes he is but not because he is a male person. To me, he is a hero without a cape or a costume. The Harry Potter franchise has been like my family. I really cannot explain my feelings, no matter how much I describe, how hard I try. Let me write a few words about my loved ones – the ones whom I cannot loose and the ones whom I love more than myself. ( my mom is in the first place and then comes all of them, together.)

1. Sirius Black.

An animagous, he possesses the loving heart of a dog which is far more loving than us. He repents loosing his best friend James and Lily Potter and tries to find James in Harry who greatly resembles his father. He often confuses himself and calls harry James! He is the closest to my heart. The scene in HP 5 where Bellatrix kills him reaps my heart. Every time I see it I shed the same amount of tears. He is a fatherly figure to me. Yes Sirius, you will always be there in my heart. During the final chapters when he came back to Harry via the Resurrection stone, he described death to be faster than falling asleep. 😞 . When Harry asked him to stay with him when he faces lord Voldemort, he says that they will stay in Harry’s heart! I really miss him a lot. Sirius’s character was portrayed greatly by Gary Oldman. Thank you Gary Oldman for being Sirius Black!

2. Severus Snape.

We all know him. The most mysterious and complex character if I was to describe him. His love for Lily, Harry’s mother, made him beg to Dumbledore for their lives. He loved Harry but never let him know. “You have your mother’s eyes.” were his last words.I really love Snape! He is the hero in the disguise of a villain. He had always protected Harry from dangers and never let him know.Alan Rickman portrayed the character of Severus Snape. Without him it would have never been portrayed so beautifully! We repent your death Alan, may your soul rest in peace!😩

3. Albus Dumbledore.

The bravest and wisest man of his time as I would say, he was a mastermind in arranging Harry’s life and making him a hero. Being fallen in love for once and betrayed, he appoints Newt Schamander to kill Gellert Grindelwald. He is the only one wizard that the dark lord ever feared. The death of Dumbledore is unacceptable to me. The characters of Dumbledore was portrayed by Richard Harris in the first two movies. After his death, portrayed the character of Dumbledore in the rest of the series. Both of them were excellent!

4. Lily Potter.

Mother of Harry Potter, she sacrificed herself to save her child, an infant, crying, harry. She is a strong, brave, loving woman who used to be Severus Snape’s best friend till her death. She proves how strong love can be. She was the constant consolation to Harry during the final battle. She had the excellent quality of finding goodness in people es

5. James Potter

He is the father of Harry and a brave, daring and caring man. Well I dont have many things to tell about him!

Other characters whom I don’t wanna describe in this post are Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Loona Lovegood, Remus Lupin and many more. All of them are equally important to me and everyone is great as who they are. Everyone is essential for me to exist! Thank you, all of you for just existing in my life and making me feel strong and loved all the time. Thank you. I’ll love you the same for the rest of my life!


Part 2.

They stopped in front of an old but beautiful one storeyed house. It was beautifully decorated with old lanterns and ivy plants covered in ice. Tom and his mother entered. ” Mrs. Johanson,we are here.” As Mrs. Barn called out, an old woman opened the door and welcomed the two with a loving smile. “Come inside.” She said. The house was warm inside. It smelled of old paint. “I’ll be back by 5 O’clock in the evening. Please take care of him.” Told Mrs.Barn. “Don’t worry!” Mrs.Johanson replied with another gentle smile. Mrs.Barn left for work leaving behind Tom.”Hello Tom, wanna have some chocolate?” The old lady asked him. Tom remained quiet. The lady held his hand and took him inside. She gave him a box full of chocolates and few soft toys. “All of it, only for you dear one, take as much as you want while i sit here and see my small boy play.” She said rubbing her tears.


Part 1.

Tom was throwing a tantrum while his young mother was trying to dress him up. ” I dont wanna go! I hate this! You’re bad mom! ” he shouted. “Stand straight.” His mother told him softly. Tom was five years old and he was a great artist – good at painting. So his parents decided to admit him to a drawing tuition. That was what Tom was fighting.

After they were ready they set off for his new tuition. It was evening. The streets were decorated beautifully with lights and well dressed people.” Mom I don’t wanna go! I hate this! ” Tom told again but in vain. They walked across the busy streets which looked elegant in the orange glow of the street lamps and the Christmas decorations and the beautiful snow. “Tomorrow is Christmas and today I have to go to my new tuition! WHY??” Tom cried.

” Because when I’ll not be at home, you’ll be with her.” They stopped in front of an old but beautiful one storeyed house.


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